Sculpture of an Urn
Title: Anamorphic Visions
Medium: Origami paper and Mylar
Dimensions of an Egg: Circumference 3" x H 4"


Anamorphic Visions is my second design for an urn made for Rest in Paper show at Lundgren Monument Gallery. It implements origami using the technique of folding without ever cutting the paper. The urn rests on a layer of Mylar, an element which is highly reflective and distorts what is reflected. The work satisfies the purpose of being a container for ashes, while at the same time opening a virtual portal for visual explorations into the space of anamorphic perspectives. The greek prefix ana-, meaning back or again, and the word morphe, meaning shape or form, provides the key for understanding--a vantage point if you will--to reconstitute the meaning of this work exploring mysterious dimensions of life and death.

Project Description

Materials and sizes are variable. The Piece is for sale. Please call the gallery for pricing.

Additional Info

As Part of Rest In Paper. Curated by Greg Lundgren
09-06 - 10-13-12