Art in the Park

Video, Sound, Glass, Metal Installation
H 12" W 10" D 3" (screen)
Winter 1996
University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Seattle Art Museum
Seattle, WA


Art in the Park is the title of an exhibition designed as a result of studies on natural light and video projections during a one year Post Professional Master Program at the University of Washington. Designed to take place on a 1.5 mile loop trail in Discovery Park, a Native American Natural Reserve at the outer west point of Seattle, the installation unfolds a story displayed onto ten differently designed exhibition settings made of glass and metal along the trail. The exhibition is the means by which viewers explore a contemplative and meaningful journey towards media aesthetics and nature.

Project Description

Art in the Park adopts and reinterprets a concept of "relative darkness" to describe a light condition observed in nature over the device, a system of reflective and opaque plates which I designed and assembled to project video images. The shadow and reflection cast by the plate onto the glass screens mirror into each other while the plates' angle prevent natural light from being further reflected. In such designed environment, one can perceive video projections while being surrounded by nature. The two distinguished elements – one artificial, the other natural – appear here to manifest their dynamic and symbiotic capacities.

In the picture, video projection by Gary Hill. This project was made possible with support from Donald Young of Donald Young Gallery.


Donald Young
| Larry Rouch
Marietta Millett
David Miller
Berry Onoye
Aaron Wegmann
Barbara Di Ferrante
Tim Coulter
Paul Richards
Gloria Peterson
Nori Sato
Marianna Hanniger
Bill Viola

Special Thanks

Gary Hill