Hidden Spaces

Iole Alessandrini
Ben McAllister
Ed Mannery
Immersive laser and sound installation
SOIL Gallery
Seattle, WA
11.02 – 11.30.07

As Part of: Sensoria

Iole Alessandrini
Thom Heileson
Wyndel Hunt
Ed Mannery
Ben McAllister


Hidden Spaces is an interactive light and sound installation. Lasers create planes that form flat spatial fields. Through the use of video tracking and computerized sound, the planes are 'audio-visualized': people explore, with their own movements, the spaces hidden within the planes of light by triggering sounds heard as they intersect these planes.

Project Description

Sensoria: During the month of November, SOIL Gallery presented two new projects: Hidden Spaces by artist/architect Iole Alessandrini, programmer / composer Ben McAllister and engineer Ed Mannery; and Free Dissociation by Thom Heileson and Wyndel Hunt. The works integrated light and sound to transform the gallery space, concentrating on the visitor’s sensory perceptions within the specific physicality of a new environment. Each work in its own way conflated and linked different sensory experiences: vision, hearing, and feedback to physical movement.


Mayor's Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs

Special Thanks

Joe Gray
Michael Heisener


Iole Alessandrini

Special Event

Shroud:Portraits is a collection of time-exposure photographs featuring friends and visitors who responded to an invitiation to have their portraits taken inside Hidden Spaces. Bodies and faces are illuminated by blue and red LED, and by the green, laser plane that shows, two-dimensionally, the multiple intersections of the body through the plane.

Hidden Spaces is funded by a grant from the Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, City of Seattle.

Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, City of Seattle