Light Reveals Matter, Matter Reveals Light

Artist Residency on the Moon
March 3 – April 3, 2016
King Street Station, Seattle WA USA
A group competition and exhibition
Presented by Vital 5 Productions
Curated by Greg Lundgren

Iole Alessandrini
Title: Light Reveals Matter Matter Reveals Light as part of Giant Steps
Medium: Laser Installation
Dimensions: Infinite


With the exception of the astronaut and the spaceship, there are no other standing, vertical elements on the moon. Through the use of laser and optics, the project will photograph an intangible, luminous landscape populated by the astronaut him/herself interwoven with the vast fabric of the universe, made of otherwise invisible staff.

Project Description

Project Type: Light Installation and Photography

How does light look in outer space? Will it be brilliant, pure and radiant, or will it be something else? Will it be still visible?

Since childhood I have been fascinated by the look of light as seen scattering through the dust filtering through the gaps of window shatters. Layer upon layer of luminous planes made of tiny little particles moving as if all excited to reach the sun. Reminiscent of that unique look of light and dust particles, I have devised (with support from Ed Mannery an optical engineer) a unique assembly of lasers and optics to make free standing luminous planes that resemble the ones made by the sun scattering from dust.

In the course of my exhibitions history using these custom-made laser optics, I have noticed that when people move through the planes, they leave an imprint on the Laser Plane that the camera records. It is a unique light phenomenon that is particularly visible in photography. People look flat as if standing on a two-dimensional plane. For this project I envision the astronaut and myself carrying these lightweight, hand- size, laser fixtures with us. On the moon we would let them float (with stings attached to the ground) apart from each other, to create unique architectures made only of light planes. I would be there to take pictures of the astronaut moving through the planes of light to reveal the spaces the planes make. Because the Laser Planes are flat, the astronaut will appear flat as if captured in multiverse, two-dimensional planes. In absence of dust, the planes will become apparent thanks to the movement of the astronauts through the planes.

Parts to carry on the Moon:
8 Laser Planes (battery powered) 1 camera
1 video camera
Total weight: 5 Kg

Image courtesy of Vital Five Production 2016.

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