Strange Coupling

Janet Kim + Iole Alessandrini
Date: June 10, 2016
6-8:30 p.m.
Collaborations with Students and Artists


A student-run Division of Art tradition for over a decade, Strange Coupling bridges the gap between the UW School of Art + Art History + Design and the greater Seattle art community by pairing students with professional artists for a collaborative project. The work created by these pairings culminates in an event held off-campus at a unique location. Strange Coupling generates an opportunity to break down potential barriers between UW students and the art community of Seattle.

This year's pairings (in no particular order):
Janet Kim + Iole Alessandrini
Kalina Chung + Alice Gosti
Anna Mlasowsky + Emily Pothast
Aurora San Miguel + Zack Bent
Ben Dunn + Francesca Lohmann
Ben Gale-Schreck + Norie Sato
Cicelia Ross-Gotta + Stephanie Liapis
Clare Halpine + Coldbrew Collective
Ruth Kazmerzak + Lauren Iida
Mikhail Roque + Michael Alm
Peter Barbor + Molly Sides
Angel Langley & Jasmmine Ramgotra + Byron Au Yong

2016's judges:
Jen Graves
Melanie King
Catharina Manchanda
Amanda Manitach
Jeffry Mitchell
Janet Kim + Iole Alessandrini
Title: (Work in Progress)
Medium: 3D printed Vinyl, Mirrored and clear glass
Dimension: Variable

Janet Kim + Iole Alessandrini,
Project Description

Janet and Iole’s project employs 3-D printing technologies to create original wearables that expand and collapse depending on specific uses. The project further explores the reflective and refractive qualities of mirrors and prisms using natural light and light from smart phones.

Strange Coupling is a juried exhibition featuring twelve collaborations between UW student artists and local working artists, encouraging creative teamwork and direct engagement with the Seattle arts scene. The Stranger's own Jen Graves was part of the jury team that made the marriages, and she's as curious as you are about what the art-babies they went on to make.

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