Reception: January 7, 2016
Thursday: 6:00 to 8:00 PM
Gallery Hours: Thu-Sun 12-5PM
January 7 - 23, 2016

SOIL Art Gallery
112 3rd Avenue South
Seattle WA 98104


A simultaneous solo shows of SOIL Members, each located within six-inch-high meridians around the room. Iole Alessandrini's Laser Plane stratum intersects all the meridians in a tilted fashion.

Project shows during installation.

Thirty months ago we agreed to have an all-member SOIL show that would give the whole gallery to each artist: simultaneous solo shows, each located within six-inch-high meridians around the room. For eleven days this January, we present this experiment in locating ourselves within a group. We are rooting for ourselves amongst each other.

This is not the show we would have had two years ago, or two months ago. Over twenty years, SOIL has been a body fluxing: we clasp and unclasp, wanting to hold more, to do more. We are not done growing. For now, we make something of ourselves and for you, and imagine thirty months again into the future.


Iole Alessandrini
Nola Avienne
Jana Brevick
Christopher Buening
Morgan Cahn
Bradly Gunn
Thom Heileson
Julia Heineccius
Ben Hirschkoff
Jessica Hoffman
Natalie Jenkins
Claire Johnson
Paul Komada
Kiki MacInnis
Nicholas Nyland
Moxie Lieberman
Margie Livingston
Paul Rebsom
Catherine Uehara
Ellen Ziegler