Title: Touch the Wood and Smell the Wax
Medium: Beeswax and Wood
Dimensions: H 22" x Diameter 10"


Lately I have been fascinated by beeswax and wood, two mediums that are very familiar to me. My father and mother, one a cabinetmaker and the other an herbalist, knew about wood and the properties of beeswax and our house smelled of both. Seeing wood and beeswax together brings back memories of my childhood, furniture, and healing. The almost seamless continuity between the two makes me think of them sharing a symbiotic relationship that is mutually beneficial. Bright light reflects from the beeswax, while in the wood, light is lost in deep shadows, between the cracks. Come closely, and gently touch the wood while smelling the wax.

Additional Info

As Part of the SOIL Auction
Private Art Collection
Date: 10.26.12